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March 30, 2023

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February 28, 2023


As we know, The Caribbean are today greatly regarded from outsider countries for its culture and more specifically for its artistic creations.

Set up in 2009, L’Artocarpe, contemporary art contemporain, is an international platform, which launched its art activities from its shores to the world… and quickly became a cornerstone to the promotion of contemporary art in the Caribbean, with experts coming to us on a regular basis.

In 2013 L’Artocarpe was laughing its beautiful Portfolio: L’Arto Portfolio. 

L’Arto Portfolio is today a collector publication. It presented many artists from our network and was freely distributed to curators and art professionals internationally, from Aruba to Japan. As such, L’Artocarpe contributed to the visibility of many artists who today are selected to be part of the most prestigious emerging biennales.

As L’Artocarpe continues to be approached with great insistance by numerous international foundations, collectors, institutions, art schools and art professionals who are asking about our portfolio, we are calling to all interested artists*, emerging or mid-career artists, to be part of the new version of our futur Portfolio. 


In joining our new Portfolio your work will be published among the work of artists from other Caribbean islands which are part of our network. At a later stage, it is anticipated that our network will open up to artists beyond the Caribbean borders.

Once produced, this Portfolio, (digital version in English) will be sent out to all our network, offering a greater chance for you to promote your work, as it has been the case for many members of L’Artocarpe so far.

It has to be noticed that at a later stage, this Portfolio may also serve as the basis of the new and yet-to-be art gallery. Indeed, since the loss of our art space due to the pandemic, L’Artocarpe is now seeking an alternative and more ambitious space, to set up what will become a new type of gallery in which artists have greater freedom and revenue. The principle being to set up a FARE TRADE ART GALLERY that sits among the commercial galleries that come to us.

Both solo exhibitions which launched our first gallery prior to COVID 19, were applauded: art professionals wanted them to travel to Paris, the US and beyond. Unfortunately the pandemic has aborted our first gallery.

International experts who are following us since our creation, continue to contact us directly to get information on artists they view online.

These experts recognize in us:

Our expertise

shared among its artist founder and the rest of our platform, which in turn has enabled the rise of many artists who today set up their own residency space, art festivals, art spaces and even art agency… We still work closely with them, which is a sign of real trust. Thanks to us, some artists members from the Diaspora also received interest from high profile institutions in their native island in the Caribbean, after years of living far away in great European capitals.

Our vision

local institutions have now fully followed our strategy to adopt « contemporary art » as tool of development for our territory.

Our strength

our peers recognize in us our boldness to have emerged from a private three-storey building, far away in the periphery of the cultural hub of the island, at a time where contemporary art was not a term in the mouth of most artists nor public institutions. We are proud to be the first artist-run organisation of Guadeloupe to have led a strong and regular artist residency program since 2009 to this days, despite the loss of our space in 2021. Our last residencies were conducted on sea, at board of the magnificent Old ship Labora.

L’Artocarpe was set up thanks to the engineering of Maison des Suds through the network of French curator Régine Cuzin (specialist in Caribbean art) and the artist Barbara Prézeau from AfricAmericA (Haïti). L’Artocarpe continues today to work with those experts as well as feeding other international art platforms such as DVCAI in Miami and FIAP in Martinique.

L’Artocarpe continuously receives top range curators, Art Foundations, art critiques and professionals, who are all expecting from us to renew our Portfolio. 

By joining us today, you will be part of this new venture which no doubt will be challenging. That is why, we are hoping to remain by artists, guiding them through precious advice, contact that enable them straight away to jump onto the next level in their career. Please visit us on the required section online to access those services.

Artists who have been coached by L’Artocarpe’s founder received:

  • Art residency in the Caribbean and beyond
  • Invitation from outside to our space in Guadeloupe
  • Portfolio review session with top range curators
  • Engineering with our experts
  • Coaching in setting up art project and exhibitions
  • Direct sales to art collectors
  • Text publications and press articles, press call (TV, radio and so on)
  • Conferences in major art institutions, museums and galleries internationally (Pérèz Art Museum; Fondation Clément; Biennale de la Havane, Mémorial ACTe museum etc. )
  • Introduction to our International online Forum with top range artists mainly from the US, Caribbean and UK (English only) and other Spanish countries
  • International trips to visit art shows : Dominican Republic, Miami, Louisiane, New York, Venice, La Havane, Paris, London, Tokyo…
  • Art classes in contemporary art 
  • Internship for art students 
  • Writing of Resume in English
  • Assistance to fundraising applications
  • Assistance to artist calls applications
  • Coaching to art student wishing to study abroad (bursary application)
  • International Networking 
  • Artist life coaching (student and emerging artists)

In joining L’Arto Portfolio, you will become part of a greater and stronger network which prioritize your personal career development as an artist-entrepreneur able to conduct his/her career more independently. 

Furthermore, at a later stage, our goal will be to guarantee more work, more autonomy and more revenues to artists through the first FARE TRADE GALLERY yet to be set up.

Therefore your input in this new portfolio will go much beyond a publication: it will set the basis of a close relationship that any artist dreams of with its fellow peers.

How to become part of L’Artocarpe’s new Portfolio ? 

  1. Select* 10 shots of your artwork in jpg format (2MB  minimum). Name each scan as 01; 02; 03 to 10 + your initiales. (ie.: 01JF; 02JF; 03JF; …10JF;)
  2. Update your Art resume/CV in English* without your name on it (.word format only)
    Optional: you can add a page describing your intention.
  3. On a separate sheet, write (.word format only):
    • our name, surname,
    • email address,
    • website,
    • phone/Whatsapp with international format (ie. +590 690 01 02 03)


all the above given informations will be cut and paste by our graphic-designer. Ensure that you have not left any spelling mistake.

Send all the above to: 

Email Object: L’Arto Portfolio + your name (ie. L'Arto Portfolio Séverine)

Deadline: March 30th 2023

Our last monumental exhibition for MACTe museum in Guadeloupe got us the interest of 3 top range international curators.

Let’s get ready all together to present us to them as they are already recruiting for major exhibitions!

Be visible on our network of art experts!

* To maintain a coherent art direction, only artists who are in the line of L’Artocarpe artistic orientation will be part of our new portfolio. Beside, artists will have to demonstrate their capacity in being professionally engaged in the art world (availability; sense of professionalism toward art professionals; regularity of art production and so on).
Artists in doubt about their ability to join us are welcome to contact us prior to apply and take a coaching Portfolio session with our Artist Founder Jo Ferly. Note that such session comes at a cost. Contact : WhatsApp: +590 690 30 27 43 (message only with titled: Portfolio) or book here.