Labora old rigging

The Journey of the ....
old ship!

In 2022, the artists' platform L'Artocarpe inaugurated its new formula of artists' residencies at sea, with the Culture Boys, two players of the Big Drum, who sailed from Carriacou, their island in the Grenadines to Guadeloupe, MACTe Museum, on board the old ship LABORA, a 23m wooden ketch.

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two players of big drum, the Culture Boys

With them, Jean-Michel Coco, aka Badache, trainee skipper. They were all happy to discover old-fashioned sailing with Captain Dave Perdew of the Liberty International Sailing Club.

They arrived on November 11th at 6:30 pm at MACTe.
What a treat for the lovers of traditional sailing ...

Since April 2022, many Martiniqueans, Grenadians and Guadeloupeans have been able to sail on the LABORA, thanks to the actions of L'Artocarpe. Among them, 4 athletes from the CREPS and their coach who even had the chance to spend the night over, after a competition...

4 pages in the press (P.22)

Our projet

The monumental exhibition La Route du ... Vieux Gréement LABORA! was held on November 13th, 2022 during the Route du Rhum sailing race festivities. The public and the officials were delighted.
Curatorship: L'Artocarpe.